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Photo Gallery - Argazki Galeria

September 30: Picnic at Governors Island Sign In or Register to add photos

Etorri gurekin Governor Islandera Igandean Irailak 30ean Picnic, bizikletan ibili edo egun pasa egitera. Ekarri zure janaria eta irlako “PicNic point” en elkartuko gara eguerdiko 12:30 etan hona hemen mapa. Ura eta komunak bertan daude. Irlara heltzeko modu ezberdinak hona hemen hordutegia Come with us to celebrate a picnic Governors Island on September 30th to have picnic, bike or just enjoy the day. Bring your food to the islands "Picnic point" at 12:30. There are fountains and bathrooms there. There are different ways to reach the island, manage them at your convenience
Governors Island with Statue of Liberty in the back
Governors Island with Manhattan in the back
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